Frequently Asked Questions

How do I submit a listing?

In order to submit a listing, you must ensure all required information is filled in with as much detail as possible to ensure the customer is satisfied with the information provided. To start, head over to the "Publish a skill" button which is located at the top-right of the page (or in the section for mobile users). From here you can answer all of the questions and publish a listing.

How long does a listing take for approval?

We have a dedicated team working around the clock to review listings and approve or disapprove them. Usually, this process takes no more than 1-2 working days. This is to ensure customer safety on LocalSkillsBank.

How long will my listing be active for?

Free listings are active for 30 days on the website before they must be relisted and submit for approval. This is to ensure all listings are active and readily available for customers.